Good morning Philae

We are so proud!

Official ESA announcement about Philae

Locking Lubutu using a keyboard shortcut

Lubuntu is a promising lightweight flavor of Ubuntu that delivers a fresh and Lubuntu logosmooth experience even on old or ‘light’ hardware.

It still has some rough edges however (not many, this is the one I’ve discovered). Out of the box, the usual shortcut Ctrl+Alt+L doesn’t work (bug 1286686).

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Encryption on Asus Fonepad FE170CG, or how to transform your phablet in something slow as a dog

I recently fixed a problem on an Asus Fonepad FE170CG. This tablet (or technically, more a phablet, since you can also make phone calls with it) is sold in Italy at the bargain price of 99€ and is quite popular in circles where people need a cheap appliance that can stand as access point, and make the occasional phone call.

Asus FE170CG fonepad

Asus  fonepad (courtesy

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Eclipse ADT on Opensuse crashes

I recently installed the Eclipse + ADT plugin on a Opensuse x64. It was nearly unusable due a nasty series of crashes.

Eclipse logo 800x188

Eclipse logo

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Today, we made history·

12.11.2014: boldly bringing @philae2014 where no man-made object has been before.

Thank you @ESA_Rosetta for letting philae piggybacking and for waking up on time. Thank you @philae2014 for getting us a comet, no less! We are so proud!

Philae got us a comet.

Isn’t it amazing? Isn’t that romantic? People often say Engineering is aseptic. I beg to dissent. This is entirely what engineering is made of. It takes passion, creativity, competence. It takes nerves, and hearth.

Send two man-made objects hurtling down space, let them sleep for ten years, wake them up successfully from milions of miles afar. Catch a comet. Land on it. Send back wonderful images.
Been there, done that. Thanks.

Image from Rolis on Philae, 3km above the landing point

3k m above the landing point