Ubuntu Lucid Lynx on Toshiba nb 200 slow/no boot

I just upgraded to Ubuntu Lucid Lynx and just found that with the provided kernel the boot is incredibly long (more than 5 minutes).
After a bit of upgrading to the last-last kernel available to date (2.6.22-32) with no aid, I decided to have a look around and see what other people were experiencing.

Seems that the problem is know on the Ubuntu Forum.  To fix it, press F2 and enter in the Bios. Then change the SATA Controller Mode, it’s probably set to AHCI, so set it to Compatibility (thanks Lechien73).

It worked for me and now I boot from grub to the Os in 15 secs.

19 thoughts on “Ubuntu Lucid Lynx on Toshiba nb 200 slow/no boot

  1. Glad you solved. It was very frustrating at first having that netbook (which was very fast on Karmic) so slow at boot.
    For the sound, I didn’t try, as I use mainly on the go and with headphones.
    I know it has been solved (see http://www.linlap.com/wiki/toshiba+nb200) with a kernel patch
    but I didn’t have the time to try (and frankly I have to say that the speaker audio quality is awful. But it’s a very good netbook otherwise)
    If I have news with the sound on lucid , please let me know

  2. I wanted to say thanks as well. We have Toshiba NB305 that was having the same problem. Your fix worked on it also. Now to continue the battle with sleep/wake problem (goes to sleep, but never really wakes up.) :-)

  3. @d: When I close the lid and then later reopen it, the screen never comes back. There are signs that things happen, but I stay on a black screen. I think it is doing a Suspend to memory or possibly to disk.

  4. I’m glad this post is helping so many people. I’ve got still to understand why this came out with the Lucid relase anyhow….

    1. Presently I use meego 1.1 on that notebook and the sound works.
      I know it should work on ubuntu too, but I didn’t have the chance to work out how to.

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