Enemy Territory Quake Wars sound works again on Ubuntu Maverick 10.10

As I mentioned briefly before, on Ubuntu Maverick 10.10 /dev/dsp no longer works exist so you can’t simply solve problems with sound lagging behind ( the delay a pulseaudio issue) while playing on ETQW specifying OSS devices at game start with set s_driver oss.
The et-sdl-sound trick by  Nullkey.ath.cx won’t work with ETQW, there’s no hook to the binary version (et-sdl-sound uses binary CRC32 hashes to determine game version and ETQW has not been included).
I solved my problem with

pasuspender path_to_ETQW/etqw +set s_alsa_pcm plughw:0

and sound works flawalessy now. Ubuntu 10.10 is a 64bit.


  1. mdw says:

    Your fix also works with xubuntu 10.10. Thank you. ET:QW stil is the best shooter around imho.


    1. d. says:

      I must say it’s not *my* fix, I just found it and shared.
      Anyway, I really think it’s one of the best shooter on Ubuntu.
      Glad it helped

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