Love vs Angular momentum

love and angular momentum

A classic, but I like it too much.
From Xkcd

Why I hate Wireless keyboards

Because I used to know that soon or later…

What’s the point of spending to secure your networks, if the bad guys can read what you type directly from your keyboard.
Definitely not a good idea.

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Perl on Rails

Ruby on Rails

We’ve seen Ruby on Rails, and enjoyed it for a while.
But now, courtesy of BBC, we have also Pearl on Rails .

So we (the Audio and Music bit of Future Media and Technology – but more specifically Paul, Duncan, Michael and Jamie) embarked on building a Model-view-controller (MVC) framework in Perl.
For applications that run internally we use Ruby on Rail. Because we enjoy using it, its fast to develop with, straight forward to use and because we use it (i.e. to reduce knowledge transfer and training requirements) we decided to follow the same design patterns and coding conventions used in Rails when we built our MVC framew
ork. Yes that’s right we’ve built Perl on Rails.”

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Nuova veste


Nuova veste grafica e migrazione da b2evolution a wordpress.

 Valerio castorina, Brasil

(surfer: Valerio Castorina, spot: Brasil)

Molti dei vecchi post sono andati perduti a causa di un problema al database, e del resto si trattava di frammenti di un tempo che non esiste piu’.

Ad majoram.

Nash-Feymann conjecture

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