A day in Kyoto


Snoopy in Japan

I met Snoopy on a lonely port side in Osaka

Cristina Castagna “El Grio” (1977-2009)

Cristina castagna
6 years today, Cristina Castagna left this word while climbing on Broad Peak.

La neve ti sia lieve.


“Quos dei amant iuvenes moriuntur”

Good morning Philae

@Philae2014: https://twitter.com/Philae2014/status/610047412036595712?s=09
We are so proud!

Official ESA announcement about Philae

Locking Lubutu using a keyboard shortcut

Lubuntu is a promising lightweight flavor of Ubuntu that delivers a fresh and Lubuntu logosmooth experience even on old or ‘light’ hardware.

It still has some rough edges however (not many, this is the one I’ve discovered). Out of the box, the usual shortcut Ctrl+Alt+L doesn’t work (bug 1286686).

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