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  1. […] RAM issues(solved in BIOS 4.00): the motherboard would not boot at all with 6GB of RAM (with the same RAM configuration I had on my NF6-VSTA), and has serious issue booting two identical sticks of 2GB RAM.First of all the BIOS would only map 3270mb of RAM instead of the usual 4096mb, an habit, they say could be reverted by using the ‘memory remapping hole’/'memory remap feature’ option/. Using this option the BIOS would report the right memory size but no boot would take place. Upgrading to the latest firmare (3.90) would not fix the issue.After a bit (a lot) of fiddling, I found a configuration that would lessen the problem, disabling the ‘Cool-n-Quiet ‘ feature in the bios. Note: when the system boots, a memory scan with memtest86+ would end with no errors, confirming the memory works. UPDATE: Bios 4.00  fixed the 6GB RAM issue for me (Asrock says it explicitly on the BIOS version: “Patch ATI VGA card with 6GB system memory for win7. BIOS download here (Asrock site). Upgrading from Linux with no Windows OS at hand was not an issue. I made a Freedos usb stick with unetbooting (sudo apt-get install unetbooting did the trick for me), placed the uncompressed BIOS update utility for DOS into the stick root directory and rebooted into the stick striking F11 at post and choosing to boot from the stick. After selecting the unetbootin default entry, the only one for me, I waited and choosed to boot into Freedos “Safe mode with no drivers”. Other boot modes crashed endlessly. At that, simply changed to C: (as the Freedos system is usually  mounted into A: and C: is usually the usb stick root) and launched the BIOS update utility, after making sure my UPS was working correctly. Reboot was fine, reloaded BIOS defaults, booted again in Linux, got no issue, added 2 banks of RAM (6GB total) and booted into Linux again with no issues. Memtest86+ confirmed everything is running fine. Please don’t follow these steps as they may be harmful for your motherboard. If you decide to, always use a working and suitable UPS to protect the BIOS flashing process from power interruptions. Please read the Disclaimer before you do anything. […]

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