Fixing the frontpanel USB ports, One at time

Today I decided to fix my front panel USB , that were since long gone due an unspecified issue on my Asustek mobo (WYGIWYP, what-you-get-is-what-you-paid). Since the usual remedies wouldn’t work (resetting CMOS, changing front panel, BIOS fiddling) I decided to tackle the problem the hard way, by bypassing the motherboard completely.Continue reading “Fixing the frontpanel USB ports, One at time”

The dangers of Neodimium magnets

There’s a report of an incident involving a finger and two huge big neodimium magnets.

You can make headlines with the touch of the finger…altough I’m sure Dirk ‘d prefer to keep the nail.
I just wanna a pair of them, preferably without the nail.
Be aware.

Ludwig Boltzmann, who spent much of his life studying statistical mechanics,
died in 1906, by his own hand.  Paul Ehrenfest, carrying on the work, died
similarly in 1933.  Now it is our turn to study statistical mechanics.
Perhaps it will be wise to approach the subject cautiously.
 David L. Goodstein, _States of Matter_ (1975).

No good company


I’m not against Microsoft, I’m not against Google, and I don’t work for them.

Google, is not going to come and rescue anyone but itself. Nor the poor Yahoo,neither the poor Flickr users.

Flickr powered by Vista(tm) is not pleasant. I can see that.

Going against Microsoft is not unreasonable, may sound very cool, but it’s starting to feel very common-place and old-fashioned.

The biggest problem, the way I see it, is not Microsoft buying Yahoo.
There’s no Good Company in this story, so our chances of a pretty ending are scarce.

Information, time has teached us, is valuable as much as you can find it when you need it.
Whoever has the search engine monopoly has the power to present the information the way he likes, and if it likes to.
Whoever buys Yahoo, will get a positive advantage against other search engine.
Maybe Microsoft buying Yahoo is not the scariest scenario.
What if…
And that’s very scary, way much more than Flickr being powered by Windows CE.
Maybe it’s not time to stand for Flickr, but time to go against anyone who gets the total monopoly of search engines. The World and the Internet we wish and we used to know may be much more important that our bunch of photos.
Just my 2 cents.