tc1100 wi-fi hardware switch: a pain in the hat under linux

A while ago I decided to fix something under my HP tc1100 hood. I had bad idea: I loaded the defaultĀ  BIOS settings. Turning the tablet on I had a bad surprise: the wi-fi card was hardware disabled. Unfortunately the tc1100 has an ipw2100 card but no physical hardware switch and without a windows partition I was stuck with the wifi off. I previously had the same problem with a Toshiba nb200, but there I had more luck. The more I think about it, the more I wonder if a linux only system is good in a “Windows only” world.
Disclaimer: following the steps outlined here may brick damage or otherwise set on fire your tc1100 and/or your neighborhood. Please follow them or reproduce them on your tc1100 only if you are willing to damage it, brick it, and set the house on fire. Seriously, this is tricky stuff. I suggest you to avoid flashing the bios if everything is working. If you have to, fully charge the battery and use an external UPS to power the TC1100 just in case. Internet is full of bricked tc1100s. When in doubt, use a real Windows for the flash operation.
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tc1100 tablet on xubuntu plus steroids Part I: installation

I recently have been gifted with a HP tc1100 broken tablet (thanks).
I turned out that it was only an hard disk issue, so I had time to fiddle a little with it. The tc1100 is a great machine for its time (2003) and comes full of nifty things to play with. I installed Xubuntu on it and it runs fine. Let’s see how it did.Read More »

USB boot on Toshiba M30 series

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Thanks to this post I finally discovered how to boot my Toshiba M30 from Usb sticks.

With the USB stick attached, simply go to the BIOS and it will be presented under Hard disks (not under removable devices…). Change the order, and it will boot.