Western digital messes with my boot

As previously metioned here, I had boot issues with my new Motherboard, and my external Western Digital USB hard disk. But it’s really a motherboard fault, or not? It turns out other cheap USB enclosures dont’ endanger my boot like the WD hard disk does. A little google-fu revealed that it’s indeed Western Digital fault, […]

A quick and dirty udevadm script

This script (very dirty) was handful to me to discover some parameters (e.g KERNELS) to differentiate on udev/rules.d rules similar devices on a physical usb port basis. It’s relased under the GNU General Public License and with no guaranties. Please read the Disclaimer. It needs of course udevadm and less. Syntax is: showdevicedetails.sh #!/bin/bash # […]

The day the sheevaplug died

Tonight the sheevaplug died, sending napalmpiri.openssl.it down. Dead cold. I suspected at once a PSU issue, and that turned out to be too true. Warning: twiddling with the PSU means dealing with electricity at dangerous voltages. It involves a dangerous hot soldering iron. If you are not skilled these things may conjure up and ruin […]