Wi-fi for PowerPC powermac G5

I recently bought a PowerPC Powermac G5. I was very fond of this computer back in 2007, when for various reasons I could not afford it. Simply too much stuff for me!
Now I had it for a ridiculous price and got it back to life. A lot of RAM (DDR2 still come cheap these days), a new OS, some up-to-date apps. Of course the G5 didn’t have any Wifi card available, so I had to turn to the used market. There’s the standard Apple Airport card, but getting it is expensive, and I don’t want to spend a lot on this marvellous piece of hardware. Moreover I want to limit the direct tweaking inside the case as much as I can.

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Wi-Fi not working after ubuntu hardy upgrade to karmic

I did an upgrade from Hardy to Karmic on an Ubuntu Box that experienced problems with the Atheros PCI wi-fi card in it. The signal was weak (the signal is weak indeed, but it uses to work in Windows, so I expect it to work also in Linux)
The box wasn’t upgrade in a while, so I decided and upgraded the Hardy at first. The wi-fi issue went away. I decided to go to Karmic, as I needed some features from it.
After a flawless upgrade, the reboot went just fine, but there’s no wireless card in the Network Manager applet or in network-admin.


shows no wireless capable card.
The thing is weird, as everything seems to be in place. The Proprietary driver manager shows nothing relevant. Before screwing everything up, I decide for a quick search and the first result itself is relevant and helped me to fix the problem.
Have a look to  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/Atheros and you’ll find the relevant lines.

“Reboot. If it’s still not working than it is very likely you have ath5k being blacklisted somewhere. Blacklisting may have occurred if you are coming from a Hardy upgrade and/or did not uninstall the madwifi driver before doing this.”

I just did a quick:

$>grep -r “ath5k” /etc/modprobe.d/

and found an entry in  blacklist-ath_pci.conf. I commented it out by editing it with nano (requires root privileges of course)

$> sudo nano blacklist-ath_pci.conf

and after a reboot everything is ok.

Toshiba nb 200 wifi kill switch (disable & enable)

I was a bit disappointed last time when I disabled the Wifi under Windows XP and booted from Ubuntu Lucid. The wireless card wasn’t working anymore, with no apparent means to revive it. I had to boot back in Windows and let the magic do his work. I had to find a way to this under Linux without the need for a Microsoft OS and I did

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