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Cristina Castagna (1977-2009)

Cristina Castagna was an italian mountaineer.
Those who met  Cristina, will miss her for who she was. Those, like me,  who didn’t,  will sorely miss the chance.
Words are utterly useless,  by now.  I will spend some anyway.

I was late at my birth,  I was late at my graduation, and I was late at my first job interview.  An impressive record some say.
But I made a point to be on time the day we remembered you and I did.   My new shiny CAI card was with me.
That said on involuntary inspiration of a tiny, quiet dreamcatcher cricket.
Per aspera ad astra. God speed

Le montagne non smetteranno mai di chiedere il loro tributo di sangue ma troveranno donne e uomini sempre disposte a scalarle.
E capita che persone speciali ma modeste diventano a loro volta , in maniera totalmente involontaria,  ispirazione per altre persone.

Pace, grillo, la neve ti sia lieve.

“Sono un Acchiappasogni mani troppo fragili e Cuore troppo lento.
Sulla Cima di un 8000 cè il Silenzio. Un Silenzio che lascia spazio solo al battito del Cuore, al respiro affannoso, a te stesso.
Il Mondo è troppo rumoroso sono una ricercatrice del Silenzio.”
“I’m a dreamcatcher, hands too frail, heart too slow.
On the top of an 8000 there’s just silence.
A silence that leaves space to the heartbeat, to the hard breathing, and yourself.
The world is too noisy and I am a seeker of Silence.”
Cristina Castagna Peak

Cristina Castagna Peak, Hindu Kush, first ascent by Tarcisio Bellò, 10-08-2009

Caricato da casta000

(photo courtesy of El grio.net)

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