BZFLAG is back

Remembering the days when we hacked BzFlag client to achieve super-tank powers…ok, it was my contribute to trolling tradition.
It’s even more enjoable now, and there’s even less trolling around.
Basically you drive a tank, and gotta take out other guys. Depending on the arena, you are allowed to jump.
I know, tanks don’t jump, but jumping and turning in mid-air is definitely a blast.
You have a full set of weapons, but to use them you have to find the right flag…

Give it a try…

2 thoughts on “BZFLAG is back

  1. I guess it’s a great game, I’ve never managed to understand the rules. But at least now I realize why I kept getting killed on and on… :(

  2. well, manage to shoot towards the enemy, and if you see a non-white flag, bring it home.
    Everything else is rubbish.
    Glad to see you alive!

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