Nvidia proprietary legacy drivers and Ubuntu: go to 96.43.19

Upgrading to 10.10 broke the nvidia-96 drivers on my tc1100 tablet with the error:

dlopen: /usr/lib/xorg/extra-modules/nvidia_drv.so: undefined symbol:

during Xorg startup.  Unfortunately I have to stick to nvidia-96 (legacy drivers) as my tablet has an nVidia Corporation NV17
GeForce4 420 Go 32M in it.
If you experience this error, you’ll better switch briefly on the driver ‘nv’ (just copy the xorg.conf aside, and make a new one with the proper nv configuration) for the moment, waiting for the new package to come out. I can’t stick to the nv driver as it apparently doesn’t work with xrandr -o (left right and all…) so rotation does not longer work on my tablet.
Nvidia has already issued a fix in a new driver but it’s not already been packaged.

32 bit:ftp://download.nvidia.com/XFree86/Linux-x86/96.43.19/

You may fix your problem using the .run package without waiting for the binary ubuntu package.

I upgraded the Ubuntu package to 96.43.19 and sent it to the Ubuntu maintainer for consideration.
I’ve some doubts on some checks in the rules file so I’m not relasing the relevant .deb at the moment, after hearing from the mainteiner I expect to fix thing (if necessary) and then I’ll upload them to the ubuntu repository queue.
If you are willing to test the .deb anyway, please comment and ask.  Everything looks good at the moment, but I cannot assume they will not play some weird trick on your system.

Update: there’s the maintainer version on maverick-proposed updates.

3 thoughts on “Nvidia proprietary legacy drivers and Ubuntu: go to 96.43.19

    1. No reason to use my file: just add maverick-proposed update and download from synaptic the new version from the maintainer. I did and it’s working out of the box.
      I suggest you to download just the files you need (nvidia-96…) and not all the stuff you would get launching a normal upgrade.

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