matlab r14 startup problem on windows

I had a friend with a strange matlab startup issue on Windows Xp sp2 and AMD. Matlab 7.0 R14, it would install and run just fine, but it used to crush just before getting into the prompt in the main windows. No useful info into logs using -logfile. Starting with -nojit (another solution found around) […]

via An unsupported way to mount ISO images in Windows XP from Microsoft: the Virtual CD Control Panel. It worked for me, and the download it’s from the Microsoft site. Disclaimer: try at your own risk.

‘unhackable’ netbook network

“The appearance of safety was mistaken for safety itself.” (Walter Lord) It seems reasonable to me that the prefix UN- should be banned from the world of computing and technology in general. We have several examples of UN-thingies. RMS Titanic Enigma machine so why not go on with the ‘unhackable’ netbook network “There was no […]