Sniper Elite on Ubuntu 10.10 Maverick sound issue

As always, the lack of /dev/dsp bites on old games also with wine.
As a getaround, launch wine with ‘padsp’ (like padsp wine…).
Works also in the shortcut created by the game.

Meego 1.1 on Toshiba nb 200 rocks

I recently axed Ubuntu on my netbook. Even if it perfomed correctly, I felt it was a bit overkill with netbook and did not cope well with the small screen. Panning with alt+mouse is ok, but I didn’t feel right.

I decided to go with Meego, a Linux from the Linux foundation. I just love the new interface, but I must say the stock system (speaking of 1.1) is a bit limited. You cannot simply expect to use the package manager to add missing things, it’s gonna be a little more complicated than this.  Please read carefully the Disclaimer before trying anything…messing with partition is dangerous for your data…always do a backup first.
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SRIM logoAs a preliminary report, I’d like to say that SRIM 2010 installs and runs flawlessly on wine-1.3.3 on an amd64 system.

Maybe the time as arrived and we can grant SRIM a platinum rating on the Appdb Wine Database.

The VERSION file issue, where you have to manually fill a text file (or the executable would fail to run) seems gone.
Thanks to the Wine Team and to Prof.Ziegler (I don’t know which side fixed the problem, but thanks for the hard work).
You can report other successful (or not!) SRIM2010 installations here:
SRIM2010 is available here


Logic friday

I needed to minimize some fairly complex logical functions, and I found Logic Friday very handy.

logic friday I

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I made a bit of mess with SRIM and linux/wine.

if you are interested in running SRIM outside Windows, give it a look.