Meego 1.1 on Toshiba nb 200 rocks

I recently axed Ubuntu on my netbook. Even if it perfomed correctly, I felt it was a bit overkill with netbook and did not cope well with the small screen. Panning with alt+mouse is ok, but I didn’t feel right.

I decided to go with Meego, a Linux from the Linux foundation. I just love the new interface, but I must say the stock system (speaking of 1.1) is a bit limited. You cannot simply expect to use the package manager to add missing things, it’s gonna be a little more complicated than this.  Please read carefully the Disclaimer before trying anything…messing with partition is dangerous for your data…always do a backup first.
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Logic friday

I needed to minimize some fairly complex logical functions, and I found Logic Friday very handy.

logic friday I

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winxp virtual cd control panel

An unsupported way to mount ISO images in Windows XP from Microsoft: the Virtual CD Control Panel.
It worked for me, and the download it’s from the Microsoft site.
Disclaimer: try at your own risk.